Why One: Team

I’m delighted that you’re engaging with my website. It tells my story well and, I hope, explains why I’m the right person to support you. Whatever your remit, I can help you to achieve your goals.

Increased participation in sport lies at the heart of stringent government targets, not only for the health of the nation but to engender harmony and well being within local communities.

Working with One:Team ultimately opens more doors to individuals, families and groups; people who wouldn’t normally get their trainers on, don a riding hat or kick a ball. Here are just a few reasons for you to contact me.

My experience within the sports and leisure industry

My expertise within the sporting sector is, I believe, second to none. I’ve worked at the highest level and I see the bigger picture in terms of strategy, funding and marketing. I know what works and what doesn’t.

I know the pluses, perils and pitfalls of the sporting sector and I understand the challenges that your organisation may be facing.

My Focus on Your Customers…and on Results

I’m skilled in listening to what your customers need. I know how to ask relevant questions on your behalf. I listen closely to the answers and to analyse the results.

Information on how best to adapt your facilities, resources or customer services is valuable and I can make this happen.

My Networks

Quite frankly, I know who to call! I’ve developed strong working partnerships with contacts that you may need to meet, whether they be future strategic partners or any other experts in their field.

My Coaching Skills

I’m a highly trained and experienced coach. I work at all levels with both teams and individuals and I make a substantial difference in the way people work. I encourage and support people towards sustainable change in their behaviour, thus enabling higher levels of motivation and productivity. I have been told that I ‘inspire growth’.

Your staff are your most valuable asset. One:Team focuses on uniting them in a shared goal, taking responsibility, raising standards and creating excellence.

This is me. What about you? contact me and talk me through what your organisation needs

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