Team Building

Working together. Sounds easy. You’re part of a department or a team and you have a shared goal. You work well together, you’re productive and all is well. Is this your organisation? Or could the picture be less than 100% perfect?

growth-inspiredUltimately, your organisation is striving to attract the end user, that all important customer into sport, fitness or leisure. Non-productive teams or those whose work is duplicated or inefficient could prevent this important goal from happening.

Cohesive working teams are the backbone to any organisation within any sector. Successful teams are motivated to achieve their organisation’s objectives and are happy to do so. Each individual actually looks forward to coming to work every day!
Absenteeism is rare, staff turnover low.

Let One:Team develop effective customised team building programmes for your organisation. I’ll ensure that your teams truly work together to achieve their goals. We’ll aim for a working culture that values cooperation, cohesiveness and respect.

The Value Proposition

It’s vital that members of a team feel valued and that their hard work is recognised, so part of my remit will be to establish how this happens. We’ll look at your processes and working practices, even down to the structure of your team meetings.

One:Team will:

• Set clear objectives and outcomes of a team building programme

• Analyse resources, skills, behaviours and team motivation

• Work to secure engagement, commitment and “buy in” from the team for the team building programme

Your future leaders are probably already working in your organisation. If you’d like to help identify them contact me and we’ll start building effective teams.

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