Strategic Planning

Participation in sport and exercise enhances our physical and mental well being. It brings together groups and communities in many positive ways, too.

growth-inspired06Am I right to assume that your organisation needs sustainable growth in sport? In short, do you need people through the doors of leisure centres and gyms, athletics tracks, onto hockey fields or through the gates of equestrian centres?

Whether you run or work within a sports national governing body, a county sports partnership or a local authority, putting forward a strong plan to funders such as Health and Education Authorities, Sport England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland is vital.

Do you require funding or the valuable advice that the above organisations can offer? I can help you. If you need to recruit and train more coaches or volunteers, I can help you. If you have plans to establish local clubs or events to attract participation – I can definitely help you.


A whole sport plan is a specialist business plan. It’s a comprehensive overview of your particular sport’s growth strategy.

With extensive experience at senior level within strategic development and growth, I know how to create and present whole sport plans that tick the right boxes.

I’ve worked at UK Athletics, the British Equestrian Foundation and I led the implementation of the BEF and Paralympic Participation legacy, securing over £6m into the sport while I was there. I am your safe pair of hands.

An effective plan outlines in detail how your organisation intends to increase participation within the local and wider community. It reflects high level consultation, extensive research, a proven track record of identifiable achievements as well as challenging yet realistic steps for growth.

I can also identify appropriate development programmes and how best to implement funding after it’s been awarded.

Feel free to contact me and let’s get the conversation started.

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