Strategic Marketing

When it comes to reaching your customers, is your message the correct one? Do your current and future participants, end users or clients hear your message loud and clear? Or, do you make assumptions? Maybe you don’t have a “message” at all. If so, you may be missing out on the growth that you need.

The right approach to your target market.

Matching your organisation’s resources and skills to the opportunities developing around you can be a challenge. All businesses and operations need insight into our changing marketplace and making the right decisions is vital. Diversification perhaps, positioning, good branding – equally so. Working with One:Team will help you to identify your core market sector and cut your cloth accordingly.

Strategic marketing focuses on how best to develop the right communication methods and processes to meet your organisation’s goals. Whether you have targets to attract more young people into sport or develop key partnerships to increase participation, I can help you achieve them.

I’ll help you develop a strategy for growth by identifying appropriate routes to market. Based on effective market research, I can identify what motivations or values lead people to your organisations and what improvements if any, need to be made.

Crucially, we can identify how best to reach your target market. The findings, how we interpret them and move forward could make that all important difference to your organisation. It’s all about the right product mix for sustainment and growth.

I can also offer you:

A comprehensive marketing plan to exploit the maximum potential of your resources

Support and advice as to how best to implement strategic marketing

Key methods of reaching your customers – social media etc.

Action planning and review

Strategic marketing support, guidance and advice from an expert.

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