Product and Programme Development

Sport brings social integration, health and community cohesion. Encouraging the community as a whole to become more active can reduce or delay the health problems widely thought to develop from just not moving enough. Participation in sport and physical activity at grass roots level is good for everyone.

Attracting people back into sport or targeting a future generation of sports lovers is about knowing who to target. The most appropriate programmes or products complete the picture. Whether your aim is to increase sports participation of a specific gender, age or area, I can help you with the Who…and the What.

Would you appreciate specialist knowledge and support with regard to:

• Education and training programmes for future sports coaches?

• Programmes aimed at specific target markets such as disabled participants?

• Targeting young people to promote a life long love of sport?

• Encouraging diversity?

I can devise, develop and implement the right programmes that really work for your organisation. I can work with you teams to scale up the delivery of products and help you to achieve the targets you need.

Getting Started. We’ll examine your track record, what you want to achieve as well as your current skills and resources. Qualitative and quantitative market research will bring sharply into focus where you are now from your customers’ point of view. You will be armed with powerful information with which to go forward.

We’ll set goals, targets and objectives, carefully matching them to your customer’s needs.

The Right Skills? I’ll work with you to review your staff’s current skills, identifying any gaps. I offer effective, tailor made coaching and skills development programmes.

Organisational goals are best met by people whose behaviours are aligned to meeting them.

Putting it all Together. A strategic plan, bringing together a thorough analysis of your suppliers, resources, facilities and numerous other vital elements will be created for you.

We’ll test it, measuring the success of each step as we implement it

Keen to learn more? Contact me today for more information.

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