Partnership Development

Your organisation works hard towards its goals, targets and objectives. But could it be working smarter? Different agendas, priorities and working practices could be holding back wider engagement. Let me convince you that working in collaborative partnership with like-minded organisations within the sports, fitness and leisure sectors is the way forward.

growth-inspired05Shared goals of increased participation and medal-winning sporting performances are more easily achieved if we do it together. Re-creating that amazing feel-good vibe of London 2012 is truly within our grasp.

Achieving Powerful Results…Through Others

I can make that happen. I have the skills, passion and experience to identify, develop and nurture the partnership growth that you need.

I can help inspire a collaborative mind set within sports clubs, community organisations, local authorities, councils and so on. Creating a sense of trust, equality and mutual understanding drives the sporting agenda forward for all of us.

Partnership Development: how it works

Your end users. Your customers, in other words. Those committed people who participate in sport on a regular (or not so regular) basis.

I have good listening skills. My targeted market research processes will establish their needs and concerns.
I’ll also engage with the service providers themselves.
What are their issues?
What’s the environment like?
Importantly, what are the values that are most important to that organisation?

Key sector players will be invited to review my results. If appropriate, I can devise coaching programmes to instill any behavioural changes that are needed. A single vision can be created by all parties and shared throughout, to ensure participation and robust “buy in”.

Better facilities, increased investment and funding, more engagement. Sounds good?

Let’s work together to eliminate the fragmentation so often found within sport. Let partnership be the tool for winning.

Interested? contact me today.

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