Negotiation Skills Training

Whether in senior management or starting out, getting something we need or want is easier when we know how to negotiate.

Negotiation happens every day both in a professional and personal capacity. Each contact with senior or more junior colleagues, customers and suppliers needs a different behavioural style.

Often, we’re not even aware that we’re negotiating. For example, asking your colleague to cover for a planned absence, setting performance goals or discussing salaries with an employee; a win-win outcome is down to knowing how to negotiate.

Effective negotiation skills enable assertive behaviours, leading to good workplace relationships. They’re crucial to anyone in any sort of management position, too. And, these important skills can be learned or improved.

Negotiation Skills Workshop

As an experienced business coach, I devise tailor-made negotiation skills workshops. with content devised specifically for your organisation’s requirements. I can also enhance these skills as part of my coaching processes, either one-to-one or within teams.

Your staff will be more productive, motivated and more likely to achieve their goals.

My bespoke training and coaching will cover such aspects as:

• The basic principles – what is negotiation?

• The psychology of negotiation

• Preparation and planning

• Understanding different negotiation strategies

• Handling “difficult” individuals

• How to create win-win situations

• Team negotiations and roles

• Feedback sessions

I’ll seek active feedback and encourage practise and role play. I’ll also ensure that these new behaviours are implemented back into the workplace. Your investment will be your gain: a cohesive workforce is a profitable one. It could be just a phone call away.

Why not contact me to find out more?

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