Leadership Development

Although still high profile after our gold medal successes at London 2012, the sports, fitness and leisure sectors remain under pressure.

growth-inspired04Does your organisation have tough targets for increased participation and engagement in sport? If so, developing the skills of your leaders and executive team could be the best investment you ever make.
Talk to One:Team about customised leadership development programmes.

What is Leadership?

Leadership is mostly about behaviour. Excellent leadership requires deep human qualities and I believe that the most successful organisations are led by those who embrace this. Leaders must be self-aware, able to articulate goals and influence those around them. Everyone in your team is a leader for your organisation.
Do your staff, especially those at senior level match this profile?

One:Team understands that motivated teams and individuals don’t just happen by accident. Like a good marriage, you need to work at it!

My role in leadership development is to help your executives find their natural strength for authority, innovation and empowerment of others. I also aim to deepen their skills in critical thinking. I can develop customised programmes to support behavioural change at this senior level. Even small but sustained differences can reduce staff turnover, increase retention and lead to busy, productive and happy staff.

I’ll set goals and outcomes, firmly establishing what “excellent” means to your organisation. Along with my sector and commercial knowledge, I’m told that I’m a great listener. I’m good at working out body language, too; what someone doesn’t say reveals a great deal.
And, I know about how different leadership styles work – or don’t work.

I’ll observe, analyse and assess current leadership behaviour, identifying any gaps and then working with your leaders to instill long term behavioural change. Role models are rare in business, so let One:Team make your organisation stand out, grow and thrive.

If you’d like to learn more contact me for an initial discussion.

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