Funding Applications

Your organisation plays a vital role in keeping the nation healthy or, in the case of the education sector, ready to go out into the world. Sustaining our legacy from London 2012 keeps that fantastic feel good factor on an upwards trajectory. We saw an amazing chain reaction of increased participation in sport at grass roots level during and after 2012, so let’s keep it going.

Our Olympic role models did us proud, so keeping momentum going in the long term is a key objective.

growth-inspired07You need to attract people back onto the netball court, into your gym or swimming pool. Participation programmes could be the key. Your resources, premises, facilities and skills training may benefit from improvements, so how do you do it?

If you work within education, enabling young people to access the opportunities they need is the best way to support them towards their full potential. Would investment make that vital difference? And funds ARE available. In fact, over £1 billion of Exchequer and National Lottery funding from Sport England, for example.

But how?

Sport England seeks to fund programmes that deliver at least one of the following goals:

To get more people playing sport

To maintain the proportion of people already taking part in sport

To develop talent

They also offer expert guidance and advice to beneficiaries, in addition to funding.

Your Funding Solution with One:Team

My experience and sector knowledge informs me of what funding bodies are looking for. My expertise helps me to understand what the application requires. Your project needs to fit in with their strategy and help Sport England deliver at least one of the goals stated above. I know how this works, too.

Working with One:Team will ensure that your funding application will be presented in the most effective and compelling way.

Why not contact me for an initial conversation to see how I can help you.

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