Customer Service Training

Are the medal winners of tomorrow in your local area? What a wonderful achievement to have offered the right environment within your organisation for future success, high profile or otherwise.

Young people’s dreams and aspirations are in your hands; their formative experience of sport is in no small way down to you. Are YOU focused on your customers’ needs?

growth-inspired05Customer service can mean the difference between the success and failure of your business. Satisfied clients = increased profits. On the other hand, an unhappy customer will never darken your door again. And, they’ll tell many others – who will probably stay away, too.

As a service industry, the sporting sector is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of customer service. One:Team can create, manage and facilitate customised training for your client-facing staff and for all those who are actively involved in the end user experience.

I can establish customer service improvements within your organisation in two ways:

Market research will establish what people want, what they lack or miss and what would make them come along more often. You may not even be aware of the simple changes that could make a big difference to their comfort and future engagement.

I’ll also look at the processes within your organisation: work flows, resources and how
people use your services.

Tailored coaching or workshops devised to reflect the development needs of your staff will encourage them to focus on their clients: offering a warm welcome, for example, or seeing thing from a different point of view.
My approach is challenging, yet supportive, with your future financial security in mind.

Maintaining service excellence may mean a culture change. Are you ready for the challenge? contact me today for more information and let’s start on that journey.

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