One-to-one and Team Coaching

Coaching isn’t just a modern buzzword. It lies at the very core of everything I offer my clients. It’s my passion and is the foundation stone of my skills and experience. I love coaching because with your organisation’s commitment, it can really work for you. You can achieve results that you and your staff never thought possible.

Coaching is about supporting people to adopt appropriate behaviours to help them achieve individual and team goals. Ultimately, it enables an organisation to meet its goals. Coaching helps someone get from where they are now to where they need to be.

Team Coaching SessionSustainable changes in how someone works, what they do and how they do it will inspire them; make them more motivated and ultimately, more productive and receptive to their goals and objectives. Becoming aware of one’s behaviour and moving towards effective change is a great start. Adopting permanent new behaviours completes the picture.

Business and Executive Coaching

I offer both individual and group coaching. This incorporates all levels, from senior Board members, management teams to specific departments within a business. I have worked with National Governing Bodies of Sport, County Sports Partnerships, Local Authorities and Support organisations.

One:Team also works within the education and manufacturing sectors, helping staff to reach their full and true potential.

For one-to-one and team coaching, although my approach will of course vary, I excel in establishing rapport and in really listening to people’s needs. We’ll focus on the steps that must be taken, with detailed yet clear action plans at the end of each session. We’ll consider strengths and weaknesses, motivation and confidence levels and address the negatives – in a positive way!

The change process takes place over an agreed number of meetings and I’ll be there to guide and advise individuals at every stage.

It’s a powerful way to address skills gaps and how to fill them; it’s THE best way to support an organisation that I know of.

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