Change Management

Nothing stays the same but what exactly is change management? You may have asked yourself this question already. Although most of us know intuitively what it means, a clear definition of change management can be elusive.

growth-inspired06Change within an organisation is aimed at altering how work is done – for the better – to enable the delivery of the organisations’ goals. Implemented effectively, it improves productivity and ultimately, profitability. Introducing change will, in all likelihood, impact systems, processes and organisational structure. Job roles are re-examined, along with the composition of the workforce.

One:Team has the skills and expertise to transition your organisation from “OK” to “Excellent” in its structure, its ability to deliver top class service to your end users and of course, to meet its goals.

We resist change, we’re only human after all. Change can be unsettling. Problems could arise if changes are seen to be forced upon us. Successful transitions, however, result from the adoption of change and the realisation that it will enhance our experience.

I can support your organisation to:

• Embrace organisation-wide co-operation and an understanding of why change is needed

• Define structure, processes and clear job roles to enable maximum effectiveness

• Manage the people side of change to achieve the required business outcome

• Encourage and implement clear communication, agreement and consultation within the change process

• Enable change to be planned thoughtfully and implemented sensitively

One:Team will work closely with you to set goals and objectives: where are you now, where do you need to be? What should your organisation look like in order for it to meet those goals?

We’ll consider why change is necessary, and how you will know when it has happened successfully.

In addition to the above, we’ll establish together a change process that is realistic, achievable and measurable. I’ll work with you every step of the way, inviting regular feedback so as not to derail progress.

Ready for change? contact me today and we’ll get started.

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