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Sport is big business in the 21st Century. I understand the challenges that your organisation may be facing: high competition and squeezed budgets against robust income and participation and performance targets.
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My role is to help your organisation to meet its goals, targets and objectives; to help you clarify where you need to be and how best to get there. And I know how to listen to what your customers need.

Sport is my life, my business and my passion. We owe ourselves good health and well being so for me, the development of my Growth Inspired consultancy was a natural step forwards.

My Story

I have been involved in sports and physical exercise for almost as long as I can remember.

Having competed internationally in athletics, it made sense to develop my love of sport into a “proper job”. Initially working as a teacher and then for local authorities and sports clubs as a Development Manager and later as a Director, enabled me to lead the drive for increased participation and engagement in sports within the local community.

I discovered a skill for making change happen when I joined UK Athletics. I was instrumental in driving modernisation within the sport, not least in the establishment of a qualification and licensing system for coaches – much needed at the time and highly effective, too.

Later on, as Head of Participation for the British Equestrian Federation, I led the implementation of the BEF Olympic and Paralympic Participation legacy, and amongst other achievements, secured over £6m into the sport during my time there.

Growth Inspired aims to support your organisation through:

Organisation and Strategic Development

Business Planning and Sports Development


Team Building

Leadership Skills Development

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